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Element Twin Slot is a wall mounted shelving system comprising double slotted wall uprights with a 32mm pitch. This system is very economical and able to accommodate a full compliment of fittings from the square to the oval fashion systems.

All fittings are in chrome finish

Twin Slot Upright System

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  1. Twin Slot Wall Uprights

    Twin Slot Wall Uprights

    Starting at: £2.25

    Our Twin Slot Wall Uprights create a secure, durable and long-lasting wall displays. The uprights are made from high quality steel and given either an attractive chrome or white finish. Our Shelves, Rails and Garments Arms can be easily slotted into the uprights, allowing you to create a variety of unique displays, perfect for your store.   

    The Twin Slot Wall Upright is at a 32mm pitch with a section of 27mm wide x 16mm deep.

    Available in White and Chrome in a range of heights.

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  2.  Oval Back Bar 1000mm

    Oval Back Bar 1000mm


    Our Oval Back Bar is manufactured from 30mm x 15mm FSO steel tube and given a high quality chrome finish to produce a durable, long-lasting bar which comes complete with strong, sturdy end brackets. It fits perfectly onto our 32mm Twin Slot System and is compatible with all our Oval Tube Fittings to display an array of your merchandise in a distinctive and stylish manner.

    The bar is 1000mm (3ft 3.37 inches) long.  

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  3. D Rail 600mm/1000mm

    D Rail 600mm/1000mm

    Starting at: £5.99

    This D-Rail is great for your display, giving it depth and variety. It comes available in 600mm and 1000mm.

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  4. Combination Rail 1000mm

    Combination Rail 1000mm


    Our combination rails provide multiple angles to hang products from. This helps to break up your display, make it more comfortable to look at and means you can hang more up in the same amount of space. It is 1000mm in length and has an attractive Chrome finish.

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  5. Zig Zag Rail 1000mm

    Zig Zag Rail 1000mm


    This Zig - Zag rail enables you to make your displays look really good with a good level of variety and depth.

    It is 1000mm wide.

    Its shiny Chrome finish makes it really easy on the eye, and gives it (and your shop) a classy look.

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  6. Straight Arm Upright Fit

    Straight Arm Upright Fit

    Starting at: £2.25

    Our Straight Arms are available in 2 lengths - 300mm or 400mm.

    They have a Chrome Finish, which makes them look really classy but not too intrusive.

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  7. 11 Ball Sloping Arm

    11 Ball Sloping Arm


    This is our 11 Ball Sloping Arm, which is excellent help with viewing products, as it hangs them in a convenient slope.

    It has a total length of 400mm but, due to the slope, comes 370mm out from the wall it is attached to.

    It comes with a chrome finish which we love the look of.

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  8. 12 Notch Sloping Arm

    12 Notch Sloping Arm


    Hanging things in a slope makes them really easy to view. This 12 Notch Sloping Arm is great for that.

    It is 430 mm length, but the angle means it's 400 mm from the wall.

    It has a classy Chrome finish.

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  9. Stepped Arm Upright Fit

    Stepped Arm Upright Fit


    This stepped arm is a brilliant addition to your display, enabling you to hang on different levels in the same amount of space.

    Its Chrome finish gives it a really attractive and classy appearance.


    Top section: 190mm

    Middle: 210mm

    Bottom: 220mm

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  10. Round Tube Bracket 300mm

    Round Tube Bracket 300mm


    Our 300mm Round Tube Bracket is made from robust metal and given a high quality chrome finish to produce a strong, hard-wearing bracket. This bracket is designed for our Round Tubes and allows you to attach these to our Twin Slot Uprights to create an array of unique displays suited to your style and needs.

    The bracket is 300mm (11.8 inches) long.

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  11. Wooden Shelf Brackets

    Wooden Shelf Brackets

    Starting at: £3.25

    Wooden Shelf Brackets are sold in pairs.

    Available in 5 different sizes.

    Chrome finish.

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  12. Glass Shelf Brackets

    Glass Shelf Brackets

    Starting at: £1.75

    These Glass Shelf Brackets cannot be used is shleves are placed in a continous run. 2 Brackets will support 1 shelf.

    Available in 4 sizes.

    Chrome finish.

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  13. Glass Shelf Brackets Left/Right & Centre

    Glass Shelf Brackets Left/Right & Centre

    Starting at: £6.99

    The left and right brackets are sold as a pair.

    The centre bracket allows shelves to be shared on a continous run and is sold singly.

    Available in 300 and 380mm. Chrome finish.

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  14. Glass Shelves Toughened

    Glass Shelves Toughened

    Starting at: £4.75

    Our Glass Shelves are made from toughened clear glass and have polished edges all around to produce a range of durable, sleek shelves. These are perfect for any retail environment to display an array of merchandise.

    Available in a range of sizes with thickenesses of 5, 6 and 10mm.

    Custom lengths are available at an extra cost.


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  15. Fixed Shoe Rack 1000mm x 200mm

    Fixed Shoe Rack 1000mm x 200mm


    Our Fixed Shoe Rack Twin Slot is 1000mm x 200mm x 80mm high with a chrome finish and displays approximately 4-5 pairs of shoes.

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  16. Hanging Baskets & Dividers

    Hanging Baskets & Dividers

    Starting at: £3.99

    Heavy duty Hanging Baskets for Slotted Uprights are available in 2 sizes and are supplied complete with brackets.

    Dividers are sold separately.

    Chrome finish

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  17. Hanging Mesh Panels & Hooks

    Hanging Mesh Panels & Hooks

    Starting at: £0.35

    The Hanging Mesh Panels is made from 50mm (2inch) squre mesh and is supplied complete with brackets.

    It fits directly into the Slotted Wall Uprights, T and L Gondolas, as well as the Round and Square Fashion Systems.

    Available in Chrome only.

    Hooks are available to buy separately.

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